St Martin’s is a warm and welcoming Christian community that is seeking to live out God’s calling to love the Lord our God with all of ourselves, and to love our neighbours here in St Martin’s parish and beyond.  People of all ages and stages are welcome and there is something for everyone! We believe that each and every person has something to contribute, and it is our desire that everyone feels welcomed, accepted and finds a place of belonging and fulfilment.

Our Vision

To See God's love Transform our Lives, Our Community & Our World as we seek to follow Jesus

How we go about it

Jesus calls us to live like the Kingdom is near – A way to live that

    • Puts God first
    • Calls us to love neighbours as ourselves
    • Inspires us to care for our community, our Island and the wider world

But what does that actually mean for us? How do we actually go about it?
Our aim as a church is to continually ask this very question. In fact we sum it up like this – “if ‘this’ was in the kingdom of Heaven, what would it look like?”

We believe that as we follow Jesus and seek to live like the kingdom is near, we will see God’s love transform every area of our lives, our community and our World.

This belief is underpinned by the values that our church holds 

We Call them "Kingdom Values"

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